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UPS sucks
Friday, 18-01-08 21:05 | single , daily , weekly , monthly ,
UPS sucks
Please take note of the time on the task bar and the time the package went "out for delivery." All customer service can tell me is that the truck apparently still hasn't returned to the shipping center. And of course that's very comforting. They managed to get the package half-way accross the country in approximately the same amount of time it's taken them (so far) to deliver it 1.8 miles from their local facility (distance reported by their website). They tell me I can't request a refund of the delivery charges until the delivery attempt has been made. So what is this, a stop-loss tactic? They also helpfully informed me that they would attempt delivery at my office again on Monday (assuming the current "attempt" ever actually ends, I suppose). They can't reroute it to my apartment where I will be on Monday, though. Why will I be at home on Monday? Because it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

So I guess UPS has no respect for Martin Luther King, Jr. or me. Hey. at least I'm in good company.

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